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Fox 44 Central Texas News Interview

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Baylor students fight crime with T-shirts – YNN – Your News Now

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Waco Tribune-Herald Front Page of Local Section

December 7, 2011 1 comment

This is the front page of the Local Section of the Waco Tribune for Wednesday December 7, 2011. I’d link to the story, but you cannot read it if you aren’t a subscriber. The best part of the story was the Chief of Police for Baylor supporting us saying, “I don’t think it hurts a thing to raise awareness…I hope the sell lots [of t-shirts]”. You can still get your shirt at our site:

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Thank you Lone Star T-Shirts

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Claude at Lone Star T-Shirts took great care of us through the entire “Don’t Rob Me, Bro!” process even rushing the production of the shirts over the weekend so we would have them for our tv interview. He was affordable and great fun to work with. Thanks Claude!

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Don’t Rob me, Bro!

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Don’t Rob me, Bro!.


It just took me and Sara four months of marriage before we made the news!

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Why I Chose to Fight Crime with Sassy T-Shirts

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As a husband and a MBA student at Baylor University my responsibilities lie in this order:

  1. The wellbeing of my spouse, and
  2. Mastering as much of the curriculum as possible.

I’m hindered in my service to these responsibilities if I’m worried about crime.

In the fall of 2010, my first semester at Baylor, I was robbed while sitting with my soon-to-be wife on my front porch by a man with a sawed off shotgun. Both the Baylor and Waco police were quick to respond and great in the moments after the robbery. However, after one week we were forgotten and the man who robbed us was never caught. The crime in the area immediately surrounding the Baylor campus since then has drastically increased.

During the fall of 2011 there have been seven robberies in less than seven weeks, six of which involved a weapon. The Waco Tribune has an excellent story describing exactly what is being done to stop the crime-wave. Baylor is making great steps in order to protect students. However, Baylor administrators seem to have forgotten that the medium is the message. Directing information to 18 – 22 year olds in a print newspaper makes as much sense as sending them a fax.

I have a responsibility to the safety of my wife and my fellow students to make them fully of the very real danger we are in as students. I have decided to speak out through the mediums of our generation: the internet and sassy t-shirts.

Join the movement and order your own t-shirt at Don’t Rob Me, Bro!

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Don’t Rob Me, Bro! Stopping Crime with Sassy T-Shirts.

November 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Due to the excessive crime just one block away from the Baylor University campus I have decided to design and sell sassy t-shirts which will really stick it to the same guy who continues to terrorize students…that’ll show him. Email me if you are interested in purchasing one.

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