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Delta SkyMiles Announcement

Delta Plane

The only thing that soars higher than this plane are my spirits with the addition of Silver Medallion achiever that was bestowed on me by Delta.

I am very proud to announce that I have achieved the first hurdle in my Delta SkyMiles journey. I am a Silver Medallion holder. While Gold, Platinum and Diamond still lay ahead of me I am proud to join a family based on mutual respect for the frequent flyer, exceptional adoration for the plane people, and a status that is achieved by so few in this earthly realm.

While I don’t play into the whole pomp and ceremony of this new designation I would like to highlight a couple of dos and don’ts of interacting with me now that I have been officially recognized as an Emperor of the air.


  1. Congratulate me for working so hard that I was recognized by an airline.
  2. When greeting me for the first time address me as, “Mr. Silver” after which time you can then refer to me as SkyMiles Roberts or Zone 1 Winner Ben.
  3. Slap my back and say, “Boy, Howdy! That’s some air miles!”



  1. Weep for my enemies who were vanquished by not working as hard as I have and flying as many miles.
  2. Look me directly in the eyes.
  3. Cut in front of me during boarding.
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