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Millennial Political Manifesto

It is in the interest of every American to revere and honor our founding fathers as fathers. A good father brings up his children to function successfully in society. A great father creates the circumstances which allow their children to go further than they themselves could ever dream of voyaging. The founding fathers would not want us to hold them up, but to stand on their shoulders and accomplish loftier ambitions than they were able to bring to fruition.

As millennials, we are beginning to create that world. To accomplish the lofty goals we have dreamed of since youth will require a major shift in popular political thought. It is time for a political renaissance. The tenets below are the starting point from which a new generation of citizens and servants will build to accomplish the necessary societal awakening that our parents, grandparents and ancestors prepared the way for:

We are Global Citizens: We are proud to be Americans, and we value our citizenship. We also know that we are Global Citizens. We must recognize that we are as much responsible for the oppression in foreign countries as we are for those on Main Street. Our response must be that of a gentle servant that is able to both stand strong in the face of adversity, but also act justly.

We honor our past by improving our future: We remember all of our history, and learn from its lessons. We cannot live in such a way that our grandchildren will ask why we weren’t on the forefront of stopping oppression in any of its forms. We take upon our backs the yoke of the minority because we know that a society’s integrity is shown through the way it treats those with the smallest voice.

We view making a difference as a responsibility: We believe that everything we need in order to change our world has been made readily available to us. It is both our joy and obligation to take seriously the responsibility that comes with this great blessing. At the same time, we don’t judge our progress by that of our peers, but by the work that has been accomplished by the greatest of our citizens. It is possible for the government to both step out of the way of individual success, but not treat every citizen the same.

Intellectual Flexibility: We can agree that someone changing their mind based on solid argument and reason is something to get excited about – not attack. Holding true to a belief in the face of failed application is not authenticity; it is absurdity.

Creation: We will be a nation known for passionate creation, devoted compassion, and solemn justice.

Service: Public service is paramount to the success of a society.

Leadership: We will look for leaders that challenge us, not representatives that are made in our collective image.

Above all, we will be a tolerant people who continually question while always making the hard decisions between tolerance and accountability by using common sense toward progress and compassion for those that are different.

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