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So, are we special or not?

At the gym I go to there is a bank of five television sets. Three of those televisions have on Fox News. Fox News makes me want to vomit, not because I’m crazy liberal, but because the attitude they convey is one of such arrogance, stubbornness and vitriol that it reminds me of my 16-year-old self – a self I still have to apologize for from time to time when I run into high school friends. In the spirit of that attitude Fox News was interviewing a speaker at a high school graduation who told the graduating kids they weren’t special.

I felt slighted. I told a group of kids they weren’t special seven years ago at a youth group gathering. I was degrading high school students in mass from a position of authority before it was cool.

However, after seven years of living since then I have realized something critical to our generation: we are special. It is easier to say that we aren’t special, because it lifts all obligation of making a difference.

The reality of my generation in the United States is that we are incredibly special.  We have the most resources than any generation prior to ours with which to make a difference.

We should take our position and our place in history seriously. We are special and changing the world isn’t an opportunity we have, but an obligation. We have to be stewards of the great gifts we have been given, especially since they had everything to do with forces outside of anything we could have ever controlled. We have to leverage this unique moment and make a difference. Sure, we are special, but the obligation that goes with that is heavy and should be taken seriously.

Chris Rock was speaking for an entire generation when he bemoaned the fact that people want credit for something they’re supposed to do. Therefore, if you are defining success as being a good wife, good husband, good father, good mother then you need to broaden your view of success. You don’t earn points for doing the right thing. Our generation is called to do great things.


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