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Giving Husband Launch

I get to go to bed with Sara Menix. I get to wake up next to Sara Menix. I get to go on dates with Sara Menix. I get to hold the hand of Sara Menix. I get to talk to Sara Menix. I got to marry Sara Menix. I have to remind myself often that it isn’t even Sara Menix anymore: it’s Sara Roberts. I love my wife more than words could ever describe. She is smart, creative, passionate and drop-dead gorgeous. She was the envy of everyone who ever knew her, and I am the man she wanted to be with.

I’m far from the perfect husband, but what I have learned since we have been together is that it is my primary job to make sure that Sara feels loved and appreciated. It has to be words, but more than words. It has to be action, but more than action. It is my great privilege to continuously unwrap the mystery that is “Sara” and find unique ways to tell her with my words and actions that I love her. However, it can be hard sometimes to find new and interesting ways to make sure she feels loved.

In my effort to find different ways each week to speak to her so that she knows I love her I found Dr. Gary Chapman’s “The Five Love Languages”. I found that she speaks a combination of many of them, and it is sometimes difficult to find ways that speak to each of those unique love languages. In my search to find ideas online I have found little available beyond gift guides. We decided it was our job to fill a need of men who want to try different ways to make their wives feel loved, but have a hard time coming up with new and interesting ideas. Therefore, we have worked together to build a site that can speak to a woman’s unique love language by providing weekly recommendations on how to say, “I Love You” in a host of different ways.

Husbands, in the search to help provide happiness for your wife the question is not: What do Women Want? The question you should be asking everyday is: What does My Wife Want? You didn’t marry WOMEN you married a singular unique individual who deserves your very best.

Please, enjoy the site which is currently still in development and let me know of any feedback you have that could make it better. If you have suggestions for husbands to make their wives feel loved send them to me or find me on twitter: @givingcouples.


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