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How Big is Your Trash Can?

Every political candidate has a certain size trashcan. This trashcan is a metaphor for the public’s degree of tolerance regarding a candidate’s foibles. The candidate’s trashcan holds all the bad stuff they do and it gets really ugly if the amount of trash in their life exceeds the capacity of their trashcan. Some candidates are given really small trashcans because they have unproven records and they keep making mistakes which fill their trashcan up until the public cannot take it anymore and they exit rather ungracefully from the limelight (Herman Cain). Some candidates have large trashcans and can afford big mistakes, or flip-flopping from time to time because they have spent years building up goodwill (Mitt Romney). However, some are in the sad state of shrinking their trashcans due to repeated blunders (Rick Perry). The mathematical formula to calculate the size of a candidate’s trashcan is as follows:

   ( (Years of Service)(Positive Impact- Negative Impact))/Extra-Marrital Affairs

Based on this function you can see the following trashcan sizes of some notable GOP candidates:

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