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Ice Cream is the great Mediator

Qatar is a country of 1.6 million people, and over 1 million of these people are migrant workers. During my trip I visited a migrant worker camp where we got to hear their stories, which you know all too well. Here is how the Migrant Worker Story goes:

  1. Worker in developing nation recruited by some company for great overseas job, promised quick riches
  2. Worker agrees to deal, signs contract, and travels overseas,
  3. Worker’s passport is taken when company boss picks him up at the airport
  4. Worker is charged $5k for his flight,
  5. Of the $400 a month he makes $200 of it goes back to the company for rent and food,
  6. Worker is stuck with no passport or funds.

For all the junk they have had to endure they were kind people looking for a voice, so they were attracted to our group so that they could share their individual stories. I wanted to have fun with these guys so I started my own ice cream social. We gave away 50 ice cream bars in ten seconds. It was Amazing! See the pictures below.

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