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Dad’s Impact

There is a book called, Half Time: Changing your Game Plan from Success to Significance by Bob Buford. My dad read the book while he was participating in Buford’s Leadership Network and it had an impact on the way he raised me and my sister to view the world.


Growing up my family conducted 360 self evaluations in the form of a game where we told each other three things we liked about the other and one thing they could improve on. Going through this at age ten I just thought this was my crazy dad, but now that I am older I understand the amazing impact he was having on the way I thought about life and my potential. Instead of my dad telling us we could do anything we wanted he gave us the tools to prepare us for lives of significance.


My dad took me to Vietnam when I was ten. Everything he did he allowed me to part of. He took me to meetings with prime ministers, diplomats, and dignitaries. I traveled with him on a United Nations delegation to Egypt. He let me write the paper he presented at a symposium on religion, education and the state at Oxford.


I was given the opportunity to wrestle with the possibilities of life. Now that I am 25 I know what I am good at and what kind of meaning I want my life to have. When I tell you I want to bring prosperity to the developing world through business it isn’t a naïve statement of a 25 year old idealist, it is a vision I have been crafting since I was ten.

I have been blessed to not have to deal with daddy issues. I realize having a dad willing to encourage me is a gift.

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