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2010…where were you?

I watched the opening scene of “Mississippi Burning” recently and it made me sick. We all know people who were at an age perfect for affecting change during the civil rights movement. Instead of helping the movement those people didn’t have anything to do with it, and in many cases stood in its way. Their excuse is that it was the culture at the time and things had to move slowly, but it’s just an excuse. I have a hard time having grace for these people.

I often times let my mind go down this logical path. Attrocities were happening in the country, they did nothing to stop it, they are scummy people. People throughout history have stood to the side during great movements and they can’t all be scummy. It is hard to share grace with people who don’t deserve it, but I sure don’t want to be responsible for determining who needs it.

The question this all leaves me with is: what am I neglecting to fight for that my grandchildren will find inexcusable and call me scummy?

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