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the spark that trumps experience and education

One of the best guys I ever had the pleasure to work with was from my days at the car dealership. Since I left the dealership he has been able to climb the ranks and move into a finance position.

I was pretty proud of myself when I started at the dealership. I had a degree from NYU and I was going to blow all the salesman away with my intellect. As if only intellect sold cars.

My friend changed the value I put  on force of will vs. education and background. He didn’t come from the same background I had, he hadn’t had his parents pay for college, and he wasn’t given the kind of opportunities I was- but he was better than me. He could sell better, he could think quicker on his feet, and he was able to connect with every person who came through the dealership. He possessed an inner spark. He had a motivation, ambition and will power earned after years of working hard to take care of his family.

There is an inherent arrogance when entering the work force based on past experiences and values. I valued education. Since he wasn’t able to go to school I didn’t think he could compete with me, and every month he sold twice as many cars as I did.

One day I am going to have my own company and I can hire all the Ivy leaguers I want, but all the experience and education is for nothing if there isn’t the spark my friend had at the dealership. The lesson is this: Suffering and hard work make someone great, education and experiences only get you half way.

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