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Comparison skill building

I played football with a guy in 8th grade who was really supposed to be in 10th. He was enormous and it was a wonder they let him play. As you can imagine the coaches were very complimentary of his performance and he did very well. His efforts, along with a running back who was supposed to be in 9th, lead us to be undefeated that season. We were all very proud of our efforts.

Fast forward 15 years. It is a source of pride to me the amount I am able to read. I have to devote a room in my house to put all the books I have read. I refuse to buy a Kindle because I like to look at all my books and I relish the tactile experience of opening a book for the first time and they are a constant reminder I am smart or at least attempting to educate myself. I was very proud of all my enlightenment until I went to a friend’s home whose book collection was at least five times the size of mine. As soon as I saw all his books I attempted to justify  why he might have more books than I did. Maybe he just scans, or maybe he is given a lot of books, or maybe if I hadn’t of thrown out my college books I would have as many as he did. Then I stopped myself because of how ridiculous it was on so many different levels.

It’s all about who you compare yourself to. Are you going to compare yourself to someone you have beat by a mile or are you going to compare yourself to someone who is ahead of you so you have to run double time to keep up? I don’ t think it would be any surprise to know it is probably better to push yourself than to become complacent .

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