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Work is a Mission, Not a Paycheck

You can make money doing anything. Money is fun. Money provides a lot of freedom. However, the moral to almost every Hallmark Channel movie is that the best things in life are free. Those cheesy people are right. I am not talking about the free things like relationships, or holding your baby, even though I am sure those are wonderful things, I am talking about the satisfaction of taking a project from the brainstorming session all the way to implementation.  I am talking about the thrill of working towards your dream.

Most people live in a Monday through Friday prison called work. That’s ridiculous, and they’ll be the first to be let go. Transform your perspective on work and life to be missional. Making this change will provide you with the sanity required in the workplace. Your mission defines you and the job becomes what helps you build the skills necessary to fulfill your mission.

Missional Living Cycle

missional circle

If you set an easily attainable dream you aren’t really dreaming. The thrill of wanting something is the chase. If you can easily catch what you are chasing you have to find something else to chase. Calling people naïve for having unrealistic dreams is what old people do. There is no such thing as unrealistic when you consider how quickly and broadly your reach can grow with the technology available.  The good news is that even if you reach your dream you get to start a new one.

Being missional keeps you sane. If you are working for a paycheck you are going to quickly burn out. There will always be a bigger paycheck out there. When you define your mission you are able to define what you need to do to fulfill it. If you are going to open your own restaurant maybe you need to flip burgers for a year to really understand the business. Fake it ‘til you make it. Everybody starts out as a fraud.






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