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Kindle REMIX: An Open Letter to Jeff Bezos

Mr. Jeff Bezos,

I really like your website, and I buy a lot of books from you. I am constantly traveling and my favorite thing to spot on highways as I make it from one town to the other is finding bookstores that I can go in and browse to break up the monotony of driving. My wife would also argue I do the same thing all weekend when I am at home. While many times I know I am paying $7-$10 more for a book at Barnes and Noble I do it anyhow because if I don’t I am waiting with no reading material for three days.

Your answer to this would be, “Buy a Kindle! It is portable, convenient, and you have the ability to download books where ever you go.”

But here is the deal. I like the book experience. I like having my walls lined with book after book. I can associate each book with a time in my life. When I look at the book on Ghandi I remember using it in my thesis so I could receive my bachelor’s degree. When I look at my collection of Seth Godin’s books I remember the time two years ago when I picked the first one up and couldn’t stop reading. (I value these most because they unlocked the passion to learn in me post-college.)

I am on the band wagon in this 100% digital transition, and I think it is opening up doors we never thought possible. In fact I realize that digital books makes the most sense economically, environmentally, and will even boost the number of people who are independent and want to distribute their writings. However, I want my books.

So, this is what you’re gonna do:

  1. Buy Barnes & Nobles
  2. Create a book on demand machine
  3. Make the ability to purchase a book a spectacle.
  4. Sell every book with a digital copy on a high capacity USB device I can stick into ever improving Kindle’s.

The vast stores you would purchase would allow you to stock multiple things. I wouldn’t even mind if the book machine made every book a standardized size, font, etc. I just want my books on their shelves.

I don’t believe I am the first person to suggest such a thing, but you are still lolly-gagging. Get on the ball, Mr. Bezos, get on the ball.

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