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I have always felt icky as I passed by stores that take a cut of immigrant’s paychecks to cash the check, and to then wire the money abroad. There seems to be too much leverage business owners have over this necessity.

What if we identified Arlington, for example, to have a high population of Kenyans? We go to Kenya and in areas with population to sustain our business, and without Internet connection, we set Internet cafes that have computers with web cams. We do the same cafe smack dab in the middle of Arlington and connect the two for FREE. 

We would offer to extremely valuable services at first: Money and Banking Services, and Constant Connection. Partnering with pay-pal we figure out a way to send money at the lowest price possible and we provide constant connection to home instead of having to buy calling cards. The only revenue at this point would be a nominal fee to pay for the Internet connection and associated nominal bank fees.

Once we have served the community on both ends we identify services that are needed both here and there and provide them.

The real value is that we are bringing the Internet to developing countries. From my travels I have learned this is a requirement to help development. Think of how Iran is being affected by facebook and twitter right now.

I know this isn’t much of a business plan, it is more of an NGO, but there seems to be something here. If you hung in long enough you would recognize areas of extreme opportunity business wise in other nations.

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  1. Benjamin
    June 22, 2009 at 12:36 pm

    Wifey, thanks for the support.

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