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Life Coaching in High School

In the last yearI have taken: Discovery Tools, Golden Personality Type Profiler, Clifton StrengthsFinder, DISC, Johnson O’Conner Research Foundation, Inc. Aptitude Test, Meyers-Brigg, and the Winslow Assessment. (The last one was the most helpful). 

I know without a doubt I am an inwardly motivated, creative, situational extrovert, that has trouble with authority and criticism…(any surprises?) I have taken these as a 24 year old and implement all of their findings in the way I set goals, relate to others, and think about my future. I know that I need an MBA to fill in the gaps that ambition and passion won’t fill. I know that I will eventually have to work for myself, and that it will always be important for me to have a mentor I respect speaking truth into my life.

So here is the idea. What if I had this kind of intensive self reflection at 17? What if I went to someone sat down and found out all of the things about myself I couldn’t articulate and let that be my guide for picking college, picking a major, and figuring out what to do right out of college? The more I live the more I understand how vital youth is, and how important it is to determine your path young . I am all for discovery and the journey, but there has to be recognition of an end goal. The world is too crowded and competitive to wait around for a windfall to make everything fit together,  financial or otherwise.

That’s it. Executive coaching for high school students. Offer it in wealthy communities for $10,000 to subsidize the cost in downtown fort worth to immigrant teens for free. Along with personality profiling we would help with SAT, college essays and applications, and also help find internships at local businesses to work as an apprentice before you go off to college.

The value would be a smoother transition into life into college and then after college as well as the development of one’s personal goals.

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  1. Johnny
    June 22, 2009 at 3:49 am


    You cease to amaze me with your incredible vision and accumen for recognizing opportunities. This is the cliché “life coach” made applicable and germane to normal people.

    Unsolicited General Thoughts

    1. For those who seek out services such as these there would be no problems of motivation. How do you account for unmotivated clients whose parents push participation? You could refuse to work with all those except the most earnest but you want that Southlake-Carroll money. On the other hand you don’t want to lose credibility by watering down your product.

    2. For this venture to be successful and meaningful and remain relevent it must be personal. The mentoring aspect is crucial. Any company can trade you your results to their patented behavioral profile and life assessment for your three easy payments but looking back over my shoulder the guideposts in life have been people. Men and women who took the time to invest in me on an intimate level. If you can imitate this in a business model you will have struck gold.

    3. All of life is a journey. Everyone wants to arrive but this is oh so elusive. How do you impart to a 17 year old that you can live your dreams, it is ok to fail, it’s alright to change your mind, you are going to get hurt, you will want to quit and you will almost certainly get lost along the way without robbing them of the joy, frustration, satisfaction, heartache and wisdom of coming to these pearls through experience? There is a fine balance between wandering aimlessly through life and having an uncompromising focus on a selected course and steps to that end. What’s important is the struggle, not the victory.

  2. Benjamin
    June 22, 2009 at 7:27 am


    Great thoughts.

    1. The pull of the place is that it is wildly exclusive. You must be interviewed and your focus and ability must be assured before the investment is made. The interview would assure who the desire is coming from the student or mom and dad.

    2. Absolutely. Think of a staff of Dr. Tribble’s, can you imagine getting one on one with her for three years? We would contract a real mentor to come in for hour long sessions with the students one on one.

    3. I agree the struggle is important. I also think we get bogged down in the ‘whimsy’ of the struggle. You are always more successful when you have an idea of what is to come.

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